Stay Home Guide: What Accela is Watching

There are a few things that have benefited from these unprecedented times of social distancing and stay home measures, and Netflix is undoubtedly one of them. While we are all only just starting to get used to this new norm, turning to television and entertainment for some relief from all this madness has become one...


There are a few things that have benefited from these unprecedented times of social distancing and stay home measures, and Netflix is undoubtedly one of them.

While we are all only just starting to get used to this new norm, turning to television and entertainment for some relief from all this madness has become one of the most popular lockdown pastimes. Streaming services are experiencing significant booms in subscriptions since the pandemic took over the world, and news reports have put the spotlight on Netflix, which has gained almost 16 million new subscribers since global lockdowns took place – and the Accela team is no exception to the Netflix phenomenon.

Ranging from psychological thrillers to Korean dramas, reality television to documentaries, here’s a comprehensive list of what Accela is currently watching. If you’re wondering about what to watch next, we welcome you to take a pick!



Genre: Superhero; Action; Crime; Mystery

Recommended by Ryan Low, Finance Associate

Arrow is a superhero series based on the DC Comics character, Green Arrow, that premiered in 2012. It’s still one of my all-time favorites because each episode is action-packed and most end on a cliff-hanger, which makes me anticipate the next episode right away.


Barbie Movies

Genre: Family; Animation; Fairytale; Musical

Recommended by Savitha Vasan, Finance Manager

Perfect for family time, Barbie movies have actually always been a favorite of mine. I especially enjoy the classic Barbie movies from the early 2000s – these were mostly inspired by popular fairytales. Though the Barbie movies currently available on Netflix now are the more recent films, they’re equally enjoyable to watch with great music and interesting plots. If you’ve never watched a Barbie movie before I’d recommend you check it out!



Genre: Documentary

Recommended by Francesca Shippey, Corporate Secretary Lead

The episodes are short but incredibly engaging. They touch on important topics – the episode on the “World’s Water Crisis” was eye opening for me as I had previously no idea of this problem. Would highly recommend the series to anyone!


Hospital Playlist

Genre: Medical; Drama; Romance; Comedy

Recommended by Roe Curie, PR Senior Account Executive

Hospital Playlist is the definition of wholesome content. The literal Korean title translates to “the wise life of a doctor”, and the show follows the story of five best friends who are all professors at a university hospital specializing in different departments. The producer of Hospital Playlist is well-known for his attention to detail in all of his works, and each episode enfolds into an intricate story of friendship, love, hardship, family…it’s a heartfelt drama about life that any viewer can relate to. Major plus points for scenes depicting the five main characters as hilarious #SquadGoals!



Genre: Urban Fantasy

Recommended by Lydia Lee, HR Associate

Lucifer is a comedic take on the traditional idea of good VS evil, and if you look past the top layer of fun and entertainment, there are some parts where the lines are blurred, which makes you think whether an angel’s actions are always good or if the devil’s actions are always evil. It’s rated 18+ though; would not recommend to children!


Queer Eye: Season 5

Genre: Reality Television

Recommended by Erin Padilla, CEO & Co-Founder

This is exactly what the world needs right now. More than ever, the Fab Five model love and empathy, in a show that is as much about haircuts and tapered pants as it is becoming your best self on the inside.


Schitt’s Creek

Genre: Sitcom

Recommended by Jessica Slevin, PR Senior Account Director

I spent the first few weeks of Circuit Breaker bingeing the entire series of Schitt’s Creek – it’s a great distraction, the character development is amazing, and the humor is very smart and sarcastic. Highly recommend it!


Somebody Feed Phil

Genre: Documentary; Food

Recommended by Christine Lim, PR Senior Account Executive

Somebody Feed Phil is about a writer, Philip Rosenthal, who travels around the world to try famous foods the country is famous for – both street and Michelin-starred food. It’s enjoyable because I can to see the different foods, scenery and people from all over the world – while being at home!


Space Force

Genre: Comedy

Recommended by Thong Weng Tai, PR Account Coordinator 

Space Force shows a four-star general begrudgingly teaming up with an eccentric scientist to get the U.S. military’s newest agency — Space Force — ready for lift-off. I like that they created this with a real-life perspective, and its comedic elements make it really entertaining to watch. Interestingly, this show does not have fictional effects, unlike the X-Files.


The Fall

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Recommended by Hana Zainal, Finance Manager

I recommend The Fall for all X Files fans out there! Gillian Anderson is awesome, and the storyline will keep you to the edge of your seat for the whole series!


The King: Eternal Monarch

Genre: Fantasy; Romance

Recommended by Samantha Seah, Senior Finance Associate

The King: Eternal Monarch is unpredictable, and the plot is so clever! I particularly love the unique themes of a parallel world and time travel, and I find myself anticipating each new episode because there are simply so many plot twists. It can be quite challenging to watch sometimes because you have to pay attention to little details that happen in earlier episodes. My friends even come up with theories and spreadsheets while watching and we ardently discuss the show’s progress as we wait for new episodes together.


The Last Dance

Genre: Documentary

Recommended by Alexandra Plowman, Recruitment Client Lead

I’m currently watching The Last Dance documentary…because it’s Michael Jordan! So interesting – plus it documents the film crew that were following them at the time, so you get to see both the sport and business aspects.


The Platform

Genre: Science Fiction; Thriller

Recommended by Munirah Hanim, Junior Finance Associate

The Platform is a Spanish film set in a large, tower-style “Vertical Self-Management Center”. It’s very intense and it drew my curiosity to what the setting, context and meaning was all about, and when it finally made sense it was a mind-blowing moment of realizing that it was actually referring to how the world is now.


Too Hot to Handle

Genre: Reality Television

Recommended by Daniella Miller, Talent Associate

I thought Too Hot to Handle was so good – it was very entertaining and there was some drama involved. Also, it left you hanging every episode!



Genre: Crime; Action; Thriller Romance

Recommended by Jules Latiff, Finance Associate

Generally, I enjoy crime and horror shows, so the Korean drama Vagabond is perfect for adrenaline junkies like me! Its intense storyline follows stunt man Cha Dal-geon on a journey to find out what happened to his nephew, who died in a plane crash, with the help of covert operative Go Hae-ri. The seriously eye-candy-worthy actors is a plus point!



Genre: Psychological Thriller; Crime Fiction

Recommended by Vicky Jones, Accounts Associate

You is a psychological thriller that is based on a book by Caroline Kepnes. It’s about a bookstore manager who becomes infatuated with a girl who comes into the store. He hacks her social media and finds ways of inserting himself into all aspects of her life. Serious stalker! I love his back story is shown at the same time as the main storyline, which helps you to understand how he has become who he is.