Media Relations

At the core of any public relations campaign is strong media relations – the ability to secure meaningful story opportunities and press coverage for a brand, venue or product. At Accela PR, we specialise in the lifestyle space and pride ourselves on strong relationships with relevant media for F&B, travel, retail and design. With media relationships across numerous verticals and types of publications, Accela PR delivers solid, consistent media coverage for our clients.

Events Support

Events are a crucial part of many PR campaigns, from new product launches to media tastings to press trips and beyond. Accela PR specialises in ensuring events are creative and inspiring but also media-friendly and will ultimately result in excitement and coverage. Beyond securing event coverage for clients, Accela PR is well-versed in event logistics from vendor management to on-site media hosting and beyond.

Influencer Engagement

From hosting events and tastings to partnering for strategic campaigns, Accela PR has strong relationships and experience with influencers and bloggers across multiple verticals. From conception to execution, Accela PR manages influencer campaigns on behalf of clients from start to finish, with a goal of delivering truly impactful ROI and results.

Social Media

Traditional media and social media often go hand in hand, and Accela PR seamlessly offers the two services in streamlined client campaigns. Our team works collaboratively to ensure consistent messaging across all channels, handling content creation, community management and paid social strategy.


Accela PR strive to design the most beautiful, eye catching pieces. Accela works closely with our clients to create thoughtful, impactful, and bold designs, specialising in graphic design, brand development and website design.